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Manual data entry is so 1990's

Manual data entry is now a thing of the past and Artificial Intelligence allows for automatic processing of data.  A2A has developed a work flow process utilizing the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology to automate your bookkeeping requirements.

Thanks to this process our clients are able to realize savings of 30% or more in their monthly bookkeeping costs.

The Future of Accounting

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1. Automated Bookkeeping

As a business owner and accountant, the last thing you should worry about is the bookkeeping. Unfortunately, most business owners still prepare their accounting manually. 

Our automated bookkeeping service allow you to spend more time on your business and less time in your business.

2. KPI Analytics

Our integrated approach has allowed us integrate Month end reporting, KPI monitoring & Benchmarking.

Our clients, through automation, have received a much deeper insight into their business, while spending less time getting the data together.

3. Fully Integrated

Our workflow process is setup to:

  1. Prepare your bookkeeping
  2. Prepare month end reports
  3. Prepare KPI reporting
  4. Filing HST/GST returns
  5. Integration with our NTR & Tax filing services



Our clients benefit from a faster turn around on their bookkeeping data.

Our ongoing processing timelines ensure the data is as up to date as possible

Our OCR cleanup service is generally 40% faster than with conventional bookkeeping services (manual entry)


Our systems operate on a set of standardized rules, chart of account and coding processes.

Our AI is constantly monitored by our team to ensure the utmost accuracy in the data.


Our pricing model is focused on the number of transactions processed, not hours spent.

If your business changes in activity, our fee follows accordingly.

We believe our model allows for true accountability in pricing.


Adding Artificial Intelligence allows for a significant increase in productivity with the same (or lower) level of staff.

Imagine growing your business knowing your current business structure allows you to double your Revenue while reducing the overall risk in the business.


The new generation of business owners expect their business advisors to be on top of the latest technology.

Our services opens a door for new generation of clients.


Our service is designed to ensure the human interactions remain unchanged.

The take in meetings, the ongoing discussions, including transaction discussions , followup meetings and take out meetings.



Step 1 - Preparing your data

All our clients go through an detailed onboarding process ensuring their data is clean and properly structured  for our automation process. The process includes:

  1. Catching up the books to a "recent" state
  2. Reconciling the books to a "recent" state
  3. Standardize the Chart of account
  4. Review & Map out client specific coding rules
  5. Importing the data into our system (or connecting directly if the clients platform is directly compatible with ours)

Upon receiving the clients files we review the state & quality of the data and provide a custom quote to ready the clients files prior to "activating the automation". 

We have various software tools available to catch up the clients data allowing for expedited timelines.

Step 2 - Activating the Automation

Upon completing the data importing OR connecting the clients' data to our system, we start the activation process. This includes:

  1. Applying our standardized set of automation rules 
  2. Appplying the client specific set of automation rules
  3. Testing the first set of data and ensuring the activation executes as planned.

Our processes will runs at the interval you require, either daily, weekly and/or monthly. Our process is customized to the clients specific needs. Please refer to our packages outlined below.

While the software is great, we dont just let the Artificial Intelligence run free. Our team will stay closely involved and reviews the processed data regularly. This is to ensure:

  1. The rules applied remain appropriate
  2. To identifiy anomolies
  3. To review transactions that are either new in nature or require additional information

Our team will keep an active eye on your data and will keep the lines of communication open with you for ease of access and adjustments.

Step 3 - Monthly Management & KPI reporting

At the close of each month, our team provides the following reports:

  1. Uncategorized transaction list requiring input
  2. Profit & Loss report (comparatives)
  3. Balance Sheet (comparatives)
  4. Accounts Receivable Aging (summary / Detail)
  5. Accounts Payable Aging (summary / Detail)
  6. Business Healt report with KPI's and bench marks (by request)
  7. HST/GST reporting (by request)

The reporting packages are customizable to the clients individual needs.

Live Access - Mobile Access to your data. We provide mobile access to your accounting data allowing you to have real time data at your finger tips. 

Step 4 - Year end readiness

Based on our process we are confident that your accounting data will be year-end ready.

This is because:

  • Our automated process and rule based coding ensures a higher level of consistency in your accounting data
  • Our staff is actively involved in monitoring your data as the year progresses
  • Our monthly Management & KPI reports allow for more active insight into your information and are more likely to catch errors.
  • We utilize this very process in our own year-end filing process


Where does my file get prepared?

We operate out of Calgary, Alberta and we guarantee that your data stays in Canada. Many of our competition has established similar services but rely on labor markets like India or the Philippines. While these may be capable employement sources, regulation of data management is often more lax and less regulated compared to Canada.

Who prepares the files?

The files are prepared by qualified bookkeeping staff and reviewed by CPA's with Canadian experience in Bookkeeping, NTR and T2 preparation.

How do we communicate?

An account manager is assigned to your file and is your point of contact. The communication may occur through email or over the phone. 

Can I meet with your team in person?

Yes, we operate locally for that reason and our state of the art facility has great meeting rooms in which we will gladly host meetings to ensure efficient preparation of your files. In an effort to keep costs down we do ask that you come see us.

What Software do you support?

This remains our little secret, but we guarantee that its state of the art technology and on the forefront of innovation.