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Notice to Reader Financial Statement Services

A2A is at the forefront of innovation in the accounting sector and is able to provide high volume, expedited Notice to Reader Financial statement preparation services. Find out details below.


1. Software alignment

Whether your practices uses; Caseware, Jade, Profile, Cantax or any other main stream package, we will prepare your year end Notice to Reader and Tax files in the software that suits you best.

We also have our own In-House financial statement preparation software available for even higher level of reporting and insights.

2. Expedited timelines

Expedited workflow ensures a 5 to 10 business day turn around

Standard workflow ensures a 10 to 20 business day turn around

Custom workflow provides a custom timeline and pricing model allowing to prioritize to fit your needs

3. Fully integrated

Our workflow process is setup to:

1) Prepare your clients Bookkeeping

2) Draft your NTR financial Statements

3) Draft your T2 Corporate tax returns

4) Packaging for client focused presentation

5) File retention and backup of your clients data



File Upload

We utilize a secure upload platform to obtain access to your client files.

Quoting and Assignment

Once we receive your file we will provide a quote based on our 3 Tiered pricing system for the file

Tier 1 - Basic NTR

Tier 2 - Standard NTR

Tier 3 - Custom NTR

Pricing is provided below

File Assignment & Preparation

Once the quoting is approve the file is assigned to one of our team members for preparation and a manager for review of the assignment. The manager becomes your point of contact.

The file must include all supporting documentation and client documents so they can be linked into the file. A list of required documents will be provided by our team after initial review of the file.

The file will be prepared based on the timelines agreed upon.

A draft version of the file (NTR + T2 + GST returns) will be provided to you for review and queries resolved.

A final version of the file will be provided, including all forms requiring signature for ease of "client take out meeting"

Upon client sign off a complete package will be provided for you to provide to your client and allow you to file the T2 corporate tax return.

How you Benefit

  • Take on work without additional staff resource requirements
  • Expedited file processing timelines
  • Ensure deadlines are met even if you are running behind
  • Consider reducing your time spent at the office, while still earning the same
  • We allow accountants to remove the commitment risk of incremental salaries
  • You maintain control and ownership of your clients
  • Focus more of your time meeting with clients on value added services, not file preparation
  • You maintain your margin realization per file as our cost is similar to your staffing, equipment and software cost (and in a lot of ways much cheaper)


Am I not handing over my profit working with you?

No, Our pricing model and process have been designed to allow you to retain 20% to 40% of your profit margin. We have found a way to commoditize and created highly efficient financial reporting processes that align our price with your cost of hiring, equipping and outfitting (with software and office space) your employees.

Where does my file get prepared?

We operate out of Calgary, Alberta and we guarantee that your data stays in Canada. Many of our competition has established similar services but rely on labor markets like India or the Philippines. While these may be capable employement sources, regulation of data management is often more lax and less regulated compared to Canada.

Who prepares the files?

The files are prepared by CPA's with Canadian experience in NTR and T2 preparation. We utilize CPA's, CPA students and non designated accountants and train them internally to our workflow requirements.

How do we communicate?

Once a manager is assigned to your file, the manager becomes your point of contact. The communication may occur over through our workflow software and over the phone where required. 

Can I meet with your team in person?

Yes, we operate locally for that reason and our state of the art facility has great meeting rooms in which we will gladly host meetings to ensure efficient preparation of your files. In an effort to keep costs down we do ask that you come see us.

What Software do you support?

- Caseware

- Jade

- Profile

- Cantax

- Taxprep

- Tax Cycle

- DT Max

- and many more!


All pricing assumes bookkeeping is clean and has a trial balance ready for year end preparation requirements